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Automate Accounts Payable (AP): Impact on your Organization and your Industry

March 22, 2022 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT

Accounts Payable is absolutely critical to running a successful business.  Accounts Payable is the last line of defense against certain types of fraud, and it holds immense responsibility to manage cash, to comply with myriad regulations, and to operate efficiently to ensure that suppliers get exactly what they are promised, on time, every time.

Even so, A/P is often under-supported by investment leaving team members with manual processes driving everyday “hair on fire” drills, paper check processes that are unchanged in decades, and little capacity to make changes — even changes with huge ROI.

In this AP Summit (1st part of a multi series Webinar) we will cover 3 main strategic areas of Accounts Payable:

  • Supplier Vetting and the KYS (Know Your Supplier) Standard
  • State of the Art in Payment Methods
  • AP Best Practices to Create Value
  • Understand Supplier Vetting and the KYS (Know Your Supplier) Standard
  • Learn about the latest State of the Art in Payment Methods
  • Study AP Best Practices used by other peer organizations to Create Value

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Christopher Corr
President and Founder, Cost Wellness LLC
Agent of Commerce Specialties: Payment Automation and Optimization, Value-Based Selling, Mobile and Network Telecom, Corporate Finance, Venture Financing, Software Devops and Implementation
Don Farias
COO and Founder, Lucrotec
Senior executive with over 20 years of progressive experience and leadership achievements that span game-changing solution design; closing strategic global accounts; and driving millions in…